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Aloha and welcome to my page. My name is Tien, I'm originally from Vietnam and was lucky enough to immigrate to the United States of America at a very young age. Quickly adapted to the culture and splendor of this great nation. After going through the process of immigration, I ended up in Hawaii with my step-dad and aunt, who had adopted me as their own. Through hard work and determination both my parents were able to build a life for us all here in Hawaii.

Since my parents were always working busily building a future, I was often left to my own devices and imagination. In this day and age, it might be construed as neglect but they always made sure of where I am and what I was doing all the time. This allowed me to grow and become very independent at a very young age; instant noodles were my best meal along with a can of Vienna sausage. My step-dad had become a maintenance manager of a very large townhouse community in Waipahu and my aunty/mom had become a hair stylist.

Through out growing up in elementary school, I can remember being intrigued with cameras all the time and my parents had given me a simple film camera of my own. They didn't see a future photographer in me at the time but just as a distraction for me to occupy my time when they were too busy.

I've continued to take pot shot pictures here and there through intermediate and early high school, but it had gotten too expensive for my parents to continue to indulge in one of my many hobbies. Sophomore year in high school I had a small exposure to SLR cameras which I loved very much but since my parents never really believed in giving me an allowance or taken an avid interest in what I was doing, so photography had to stop for the time being. It was in the later part of high school where my parents were finally showing an interest in my future after high school but it wasn't a path that I wanted. So, not wanting to become the next great hair stylist in my family; I quickly dove into computers and technology which is now my primary occupation.

Prior to becoming what I am today and just after high school, I enlisted into the Army Reserve. This payed my way through college and then some. Computers and technology were an emerging trend back then and the many colleges were not ready to develop careers that are now prevalent today in the IT industry. During this long life period, I adapted to the world of digital imaging and the early megapixel race but still could not afford anything larger than the medium range of consumer compact cameras (not DSLRs).

In 2008, I was deployed to Kuwait for one year. Upon coming off of deployment I had amassed a large sum of money and was able to really purchase a very good DSLR of my own, the Canon 7D.

Once again this had rekindled my love for photography but now armed with a creative tool to do more than what a simple compact camera could not do.

From 2009 and to the present, I devoured any and everything that had to do with photography. I'm still exploring my creativity but not limiting myself to any particular type of photography. This is me in a nutshell, thank you for stopping by and looking at works.